Grenada Caribbean - Police 10 codes




10-3  Officer in Trouble
10-4  Auto Accident (Property Damage only)
10-4A Auto Accident (Hit Skip, Property Damage)
10-5Auto Accident (Injury)
10-5A Auto Accident (Injury Hit Skip)
10-6Traffic Violator
10-6A Vehicle Obstructing
10-6B Parking Complaint
10-7Burglary Report
10-7A Open Door/Window
10-8Burglary in Progress
10-8A Burglary Alarm
10-9Fraudulent Documents (In Progress)
10-10 Bomb Threat
10-10ABomb Threat (Suspicious Package Found)
10-12 Check for Registration/Stolen/Operator's Stolen
10-13 Check for Tickets
10-14 Cutting or Stabbing
10-15 Call Home
10-16 Disturbance
10-16CLoud Noise
10-16FFireworks Complaint
10-17 Domestic Violence
10-17ADomestic Dispute
10-17BDomestic/Standby for Clothing
10-18 D.O.A.
10-19 Intoxicated Person
10-20 Drowning
10-22 Animal Complaint
10-23 Errand
10-23BEmergency Lockout
10-23TTechnology Repair
10-24 Emergency Squad
10-24AInfectious/Contagious Disease
10-25 Fire
10-25ATrash Fire
10-26 Fight
10-27 Assault or Hospital Report
10-27ATelephone Harassment
10-28 Homicide
10-29 Juvenile Complaint
10-30 Larceny in Progress
10-30ALarceny Report
10-31 Missing Person/High Risk Missing Person
10-31AMissing Person Returned
10-32 Message
10-33 Person With Gun
10-33APerson With Knife
10-34 Unknown Complaint
10-34AUnknown Call (Panic Alarm)
10-34B911 Hangup Call
10-34CCheck on the Well Being
10-35 D.U.I. Complaint
10-36 Obstruction in Street
10-37 Official or Visitor
10-37EExplorer Ride-Along
10-38 Property Destruction in Progress
10-38AProperty Destruction Report
10-39 Prowlers
10-40 Recovered Property
10-41 Robbery-Just Occurred
10-41ARobbery Report
10-42 Robbery in Progress
10-42ARobbery Alarm
10-42EElectronic Satellite Robbery Alarm
10-43 Shooting
10-43AShots Fired
10-43BShots Fired/Hunters
10-43SShot Spotter Activated
10-44 Sex Crime in Progress
10-44ASex Crime Report
10-44BIndecent Exposure
10-45 Stolen/Suspected Stolen Vehicle/Stolen License Plate
10-45AStolen Vehicle Recovered/Apprehension
10-46 Stranded Motorist
10-47ASuicide Attempt
10-48 Suspicious Vehicle
10-48ASuspicious Person
10-48GSuspected Threat Group Activity/Member
10-49 Vice Complaint
10-49ANarcotics Complaint
10-50 Wanted Person
10-50AWanted Felon
10-50BFelon Registrant (Not Wanted)
10-51 Prisoner Transport
10-52 Wrecker Run
10-54 Work Traffic
10-55 House Watch
10-55APark, Walk, and Talk
10-56 Request for Lunch Break
10-57 Request for Assistance (Back Up)
10-58 Guard Duty
10-60 Emergency-Lights and Siren


Disposition Codes:
Code 1 - Report and/or Citation (1A for alarm notice)
Code 2 - Party Advised or No Report Needed 
Code 3 - Arrest Made
Code 4 - Non-Arrest Situation / Errand Completed
V - video recording
Vehicle Numbering:
00-0000: Patrol Cruisers (See Cruiser Maps)
300 Units: Liasion Officers
400 Units: Watch Commanders & Mobile Substations
500 Units: Heliport
600 Units: Freeway Patrol
700 Units: Recruiting
900 Units: Crime Scene Investigation Unit
1200 Units: School Resource Officers
3500 Units: DUI Enforcement
6500 Units: UNKNOWN
7000 Units: Community Response Team
9000 Units: Midwatch Cruisers
Vehicle Information:
R: Relief Cars
P: (unknown)
X: Extra Cars
L: Lieutenant
S: Sergeant
T: Training
"A Number": lunch break request
"Groves": fleet maintenance
"The Pike": Franklin County Sheriff's Jail Facility - Jackson Pike
"Run it in": 10-60 lights and sirens
"Engagement Center or Maryhaven or 741":  behavioral healthcare centers